GLUE X TRISK JULY 13-17th 2022

We are excited to announce a new platform supporting experienced movement-based artists in career development, directed by Nicole Wolcott and created in partnership with Triskelion Arts.  

GLUE was formed with the belief that artists need time to stumble around in the wilderness of experimentation without agenda, with curiosity and openness to discovery, and (importantly) amidst a cohort of artists sharing and processing the work at hand.

GLUE is a FULLY SUBSIDIZED workshop for the experienced movement-based artist who craves experimenting with new ideas in their research with an exchange of methodology, dialogue, and ensemble performance practice. We are launching GLUE with a five-day gathering where choreographers, makers, improvisers share their process and facilitate experimentation with their methodology in an extended studio practice.  Simultaneously we will offer a rigorous and playful exploration of the possibilities of improvisation as a performing art form, a tool for composition, and as a studio practice.  Action is dialogue.  Performance is learning for the director and movers.

Directed by Nicole Wolcott

Resident Artists:
Kayla Farrish
Hannah Garner + members of 2nd Best Dance Company
facilitate creative process in an extended studio practice

Improvisation in creative process:
Jennifer Nugent
Nicole Wolcott
Eryn Rosenthal
J. Bouey